Unpacking Public Service and Baton Rouge’s Future with Ted James

Unpacking Public Service and Baton Rouge’s Future with Ted James

In this episode of ‘What’s What BR,’ host Brandon welcomes first-time guest Mr. Ted James. The discussion dives into Ted’s extensive career in public service, the challenges he faces as a parent, and his daily life balancing law practice and community engagement. Ted also shares insights from his LinkedIn history, recent stint at the SBA, and motivations for running for mayor. The conversation explores the complexities of local governance, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and efficient allocation of resources. Topics such as public safety, consolidating law enforcement agencies, and addressing blight in Baton Rouge are addressed, along with the significance of maintaining a presence in community events. The episode concludes with actionable ideas and mutual reflections on fostering a culture of excellence in Baton Rouge.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome

00:54 Balancing Parenting and Professional Life

02:57 Challenges and Insights in Public Service

05:34 Community Involvement and Civic Responsibility

12:33 Crime, Safety, and Government Efficiency

20:38 Engaging with the Community

31:12 Conclusion and Future Plans

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