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Have a question? Want updates on your favorite businesses around town? Or, maybe you just want to keep up with what’s happening around the community? Whichever your reasoning, What’s What, BR? is the place for you to find all of those things and more. Providing real, local information that affects our community, What’s What’s, BR? is your go-to location to stay in the know about what’s going on in Baton Rouge. What’s What, BR? is full of community members who are coming together to talk about what makes our community so special, while also providing resources, updates, and even fun.

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Some of our regular guests

Latest Episodes

Geoffrey Hogan, M.D. Of Ochsner Baton Rouge

https://vimeo.com/911690876?share=copy Dr. Hogan, a primary care sports medicine physician at Oshner, discusses the growth and multidisciplinary approach of sports medicine. He explains the partnership between

Dr. Corey Falcon, M.D. of Ochsner Baton Rouge

https://vimeo.com/868553632?share=copy Dr. Corey Falcon from Oshner, Baton Rouge. He works in pediatric oncology at Oshner’s. He also does hematology, which is blood disorders. I’ll be

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome of Baton Rouge

https://vimeo.com/865402358?share=copy – We have a returning guest, Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome, with us.  – Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome recently gave a State of

Ronnie Morris

– Ronnie Morris was a career ExxonMobil employee. He now sits on the BESE board and has a nonprofit that he started with the hydroponics

Gardere Initiative

https://vimeo.com/854744268?share=copy – Welcome to another episode of What’s What BR. We’ve got a couple of guests with us today from the Gardere Initiative. – Eight

Savanna Latimer of Ochsner Baton Rouge

https://vimeo.com/838161706?share=copy In the recent episode of the What’s What BR Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Savanna Latimer, a registered dietician from Eat Fit

Courtney Gonsoulin of Ochsner Baton Rouge

https://vimeo.com/829446214?share=copy In this episode of What’s What BR, we meet with new guest, Courtney Gonsoulin, Speech Pathologist of Ochsner Baton Rouge. Courtney talks about her

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