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Have a question? Want updates on your favorite businesses around town? Need information on COVID-19? Or, maybe you just want to keep up with what’s happening around the community? Whichever your reasoning, What’s What, BR? is the place for you to find all of those things and more. Providing real, local information that affects our community, What’s What’s, BR? is your go-to location to stay in the know about what’s going on in Baton Rouge. What’s What, BR? is full of community members who are coming together to talk about what makes our community so special, while also providing resources, updates, and even fun.

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Latest Episodes

What’s What BR with Stewart T. Gordon, MD of Louisiana Healthcare Connections

In this episode of What’s What BR, Dr. Stewart Gordon of the Louisiana Healthcare Connections answers the questions that most of us aren’t certain about.

Dr. Stewart Gordon reminds us all how important it is to keep up with our children’s routine vaccines. 2020 definitely seemed like a blur and because of CoVid-19, and the stay at home orders, it became difficult to keep up with getting things done; but now that things are slowly adjusting to the new normal, he urges all parents to make sure that kids get back to their scheduled vaccines.

He also addresses the concern that most parents have when it comes to kids unable to socialize and having to distance from other; the implications that come with schooling remotely/virtually and how anxiety is a real and serious issue that can build in children when they aren’t able to find an outlet for their need to socialize or get outside.

What’s What BR with Wes Haws of Blue Zoo

In this episode, we brought on Wes Haws from the Blue Zoo who opens up Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s first Aquatic Zoo.

With Blue Zoo’s grand opening, April 1, in the Louisiana Mall, Wes Haws shares all the fun things everyone can do! From families to aquatic enthusiasts; the Blue Zoo features a lot of different aquatic life but they also have birds and some reptiles to show.

What’s What BR with Dr. Sito Narcisse of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System

In this episode of What’s What BR, Dr. Sito Narcisse gives us his words of wisdom about education.

He tackles and makes us understand that the achievement gap is actually coming from the literacy gap that exists. When kids can’t read, write, or comprehend, it impacts them over time. When they can’t do that, there’s an opportunity gap.

What’s What BR with Anne Hindrichs & Lindi Rubin Spalatin of McMains Children’s Development Center

In this episode of What’s What BR, our guests, Anne & Lindi of McMains Children’s Development Center shares how they lead their organization and keep it going through their passion for the service they do.

The mission of the McMains Children’s Developmental Center is to advance the quality of life for children and their families by providing physical, developmental, academic and communication services.

Anne, having been over 30 years with McMains Children’s Development Center certainly believes that every child and family is worth helping out and that with the right support, every child and their family can live a better life.

What’s What BR with Dr. Holland, Ed Silvey, and Katie Fellner

In this episode of What’s What BR, We check back in with FranU with our guests, Dr. Holland, Ed Silvey, and Katie Fellner.

There’s been a lot of changes since last year in terms of how education is being handled and how school’s are operating. In spite and despite of the pandemic, FranU remains committed to delivering quality education and ensuring that they’re able to transform their students into the best version of themselves that will benefit the community and all the lives they cross paths with.

What’s What BR with Robyn Lott of BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo

In this episode of What’s What BR, Robyn Lott of BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo gives us an update of how the Zoo is doing.

The Zoo is now open to the public and they’re even preparing something fun and exciting for their upcoming birthday!

Have you wanted to celebrate your birthday at the Zoo? Well, you can!

Listen to the podcast to know more about it as Robyn shares the Zoo’s programs, events, and much more!

What’s What BR with Sarah Schnauder of Kid Possible Summer Camps

In this episode of What’s What BR, we’ve got Sarah Schnauder of Kid Possible Summer Camps back to talk about summer camp!

As summer draws in, there’s a lot of questions about how summer camp is going to be like this year.

Will it be the same as last year?
What are the restrictions?
What can be done?

Sarah shares what they’ve been doing at Kid Possible and how, even with the pandemic last year, they’ve managed to find new things that work and sticking with it this year for this summer.

What’s What BR with Sharon Weston Broome, Mayor President of Louisiana

In this episode of What’s What BR, Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome gives us the real “what’s what” in Baton Rouge.

Mayor Broome highlights an initiative that they’ve already set in place which is the neighborhood engagement hub.

As part of this, Mayor Broome has launched the “Operation Cleanup” which is a cleanup event that will take place this 10th of April.

Safe Hopeful Neighborhood (SHN) serves as the hub of neighborhood engagement for Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome’s Office, Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, and Build BR. More details on the website (https://www.safehopefulneighborhoods.com/)

Listen to the full podcast as she talks about it in depth.

What’s What BR with Billy Nungesser, Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana

In this episode of What’s What BR, Lieutenant Governor, Billy Nungesser, fills us in on the current state of Louisiana.

What’s allowed?
What’s still not allowed?

Having been a year since COVID-19 impacted us all, things are starting to open up.

One thing that Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser is trying to get back are events. With proper health protocols in place, Louisiana seems hopeful for things to get back to “normal” as soon as possible.

What’s What BR with Monica Alley of Anna’s Grace Foundation

In this episode of What’s What BR, Monica Alley shares her personal story of baby loss which ultimately led her to want to support others who end up in the same fate.

Anna’s Grace Foundation, named after her own baby, Anna, decided she wanted to take matters into her own hands and lead the way for support for all other parents who also experience baby loss.

What’s What BR with Jared Loftus of RASA.IO

In this episode of What’s What BR, Chief Operating Officer of RASA.IO shares how they’ve managed to make automation a means of being able to stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis in a relevant but non-salesy way and how to get more from your email list.

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