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We are looking for people who have a message or story to tell and we believe everyone does, these stories are what drive our culture and business and make Baton Rouge what it is. Please join me for a call in Zoom so you can tell us what your up to and what your company’s doing and how we can help and how you can help and or server our community. After all these stories do make up the what’s what on BR.

    What’s What BR is the hub for all the content and a landing pad for for all things Baton Rouge. It started as a Facebook group during the first week of the current Covid-19 crisis and we quickly learned that our community has a desire for unscripted quick short format videos that talk about things that affect them. We are not hard hitting news or investigation type content but rather information that affects the daily lives of people in our community. We record interviews with business owners and managers and local thought leaders and share them through the as the hub but they are then syndicated through Baton Rouge Parents Magazines and Inspire Health Louisiana websites and YouTube channels as well as being push to all social media platforms and also turned into a audio podcast. So needless to see it’s kinda a big deal, we do hope you will join us

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