Understanding Allergies and Immunotherapy with Dr. Bourgoyne

Understanding Allergies and Immunotherapy with Dr. Bourgoyne | What’s What BR

In this episode of What’s What BR, we are joined by Dr. Bourgoyne, a first-time guest and an expert in allergy and immunology from Ochsner’s Baton Rouge. Dr. Bourgoyne discusses a range of topics including the high prevalence of allergies in Louisiana, misconceptions about common allergens, and the importance of exposure to build a resilient immune system. He also explains the role of immunotherapy (allergy shots) in retraining the immune system, the dangers of mold and how to manage it, and the critical need for carrying epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPen) for severe food allergies. This episode is a comprehensive guide for managing allergies and improving quality of life.

00:00 Introduction to the Episode and Guest

00:32 Understanding Allergies and Immunology

01:26 Seasonal Allergies and Regional Differences

03:38 The Rise of Allergies: Cleanliness and Immune System Changes

05:08 Mosquitoes and Allergic Reactions

16:34 Navigating Food Allergies and Treatments

23:33 The Role of EpiPens in Allergy Management

27:53 Closing Thoughts and Future Discussions

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