Diving Deep into Highway Safety with Lisa Freeman

Diving Deep into Highway Safety with Lisa Freeman

In this episode of What’s What BR, Brandon interviews Lisa Freeman, the Executive Director of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission and the governor’s representative for highway safety in Louisiana. They discuss the significance of highway safety and its impact on every road user, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Lisa highlights the issues of distracted driving, particularly focusing on the dangers of texting and driving, and the underreporting of such incidents. They also touch on legislation efforts to promote hands-free driving, the importance of responsible driving behaviors, and the role of law enforcement in ensuring road safety. The discussion covers the serious consequences of impaired driving, the risks associated with young drivers and overcrowded vehicles, and the urgency of preventing pediatric vehicular heatstroke. Lisa Freeman emphasizes the need for continuous education, awareness, and personal responsibility in improving highway safety and reducing motor vehicle accidents.

00:00 Welcome to What’s What BR: Introducing Lisa Freeman

00:28 The Role and Impact of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission

03:51 Diving Deep into Distracted Driving and Its Consequences

09:10 The Alarming Rise of Traffic Incidents During COVID-19

11:04 Promoting Safety: From Aviation to Roadways

18:15 The Critical Importance of Preventative Measures in Traffic Safety

23:17 Addressing Aggressive Driving and the Importance of Enforcement

25:44 Combatting Pediatric Vehicular Heatstroke and Promoting Child Safety

30:39 Concluding Thoughts and the Path Forward

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