Celebrating Louisiana Through Children’s Books with Angelle Terrell

Celebrating Louisiana Through Children’s Books with Angelle Terrell

In this episode of What’s What BR, we welcome first-time guest and local children’s book author, Angelle Terrell. Angelle discusses her journey as a writer, her passion for storytelling, and her excitement for her upcoming second picture book, ‘Someone in Louisiana Loves You’, set to hit shelves on May 25th. She shares insights into the book’s inspiration, its focus on conveying love across distances, and the collaborative effort with her illustrator cousin to bring the book to life with soft, muted colors and relatable imagery of Louisiana cities. Angelle also delves into the challenges of writing for children, the importance of rhyme and educational content, and her promotional plans, including book signings across South Louisiana and educational visits to schools. She emphasizes the book’s availability online and in stores, and how interested parties can arrange private readings or school events through her website. Angelle’s story is a heartfelt exploration of her love for her state, her children, and her dream of writing.

00:00 Introduction to What’s What BR and Guest Angelle

00:32 Angelle’s Journey as a Children’s Book Author

01:32 The Inspiration Behind ‘Someone in Louisiana Loves You’

03:01 Creative Process and Collaboration

03:56 The Challenges of Writing for Children

06:17 Upcoming Book Signings and Educational Outreach

07:13 Private Reads and Educational Aspects of the Book

09:15 How to Find and Purchase the Book

10:04 Engaging with Schools and Communities

12:43 Final Thoughts and Farewell

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