Mary Stein – East Baton Rouge Parish Library

– What’s What BR features one of our favorite returning guests, Ms. Mary Stein from the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. 

– We have 355,000 cardholders. There’s always room for one more. Because we have a lot of people that drive across the parish line to go to school here. We consider them ours. We’ll take them in our big gumbo bowl.

– The library is now fine free for children and senior citizens. People are still responsible to bring back the items. If you don’t bring it back after a couple of months we’ll send you a friendly little bill. 

– Rotary has adopted a school that added to its core pilot project. Kids get to pick a book that they take home for their very own forever and ever. It’s about building a habit of reading in the home. The only way to turn the dial on Generational Illiteracy.


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