Gardere Initiative

– Welcome to another episode of What’s What BR. We’ve got a couple of guests with us today from the Gardere Initiative.

– Eight week summer program in spite of the 100 degree temperature. 73 children apply for our summer program.

– We cannot even imagine what this community would be without us being here. And logistics, I don’t think people realize how much of a difference where you’re nested is making a difference.

– Our after school program starting back up again is huge. And then we’ll have our monthly youth events with our youth. We incorporate the dimensions of wellness in everything that we do. The ultimate goal is to make this a safe and healthy community.

– The Gardier Initiative is looking for a board member and volunteers. The organization’s goal is to have a safe and healthy community for Gardier and all of Baton Rouge. If anybody feels passionate about working with young people and would like to be a part of that effort, then please come.

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