Mayor Sharon Weston Broome of Baton Rouge

– The theme of the week of the month is heat. Thank the good Lord for the air conditioning. If you can stay in the mid 70s, you’re doing all right.

– Our Summer of Hope program has been our focus during the summer. It focuses on areas within our community that are at high risk for violence or considered at risk. Public safety is an ongoing issue that mayors across America will continue to work on.

– Mayor: It’s not about me, It’s about us and our city. I look for partners who want to help join the team of lifting Baton Rouge. If we can get enough people to stop saying negative things, we can make a difference.

– Baton Rouge Community Connect is a technology integrated into our Baton Rouge Fire Department. Residents and business owners can put in information about their homes, their residence, and their business. It gives the fire department an opportunity to respond more quickly and safely to emergencies.

– One of our initiatives with the movie BR that’s taking place. College Drive, through our design process in the Movie BR program, will use best practices in access management to modernize the street. There will be some temporary discomfort when the work starts, but we must remember the long-term gain.

– Besides the College Drive Movie BR project, we are completing our 14th project with the Florida Street ADA Compliance project. Public and private partnerships equal a lot of possibilities for our community. We need to know Baton Rouge is good.

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