Savanna Latimer of Ochsner Baton Rouge

In the recent episode of the What’s What BR Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Savanna Latimer, a registered dietician from Eat Fit BR, a nonprofit organization affiliated with Ochsner Baton Rouge.

Savanna, an LSU grad, Baton Rouge native, and mother, took us through her work at Eat Fit BR, illuminating the organization’s dedication to community nutrition. She clarified the focus on incremental changes that can lead to a healthier life, emphasizing the belief that minor shifts in our daily habits can cumulatively contribute to significant health improvements over time.

A significant part of the discussion was the partnership between Eat Fit BR and local Baton Rouge restaurants. Savanna explained how this collaboration works, creating a synergy that not only benefits the organization and the restaurants but also the community at large.

She also introduced the listeners to the Eat Fit mobile app. This tool aids individuals in making healthier food choices, helping to foster better dietary habits and overall health.

With summer already displaying intense heat, Savanna provided some insightful tips on how our diets can affect our body’s response to high temperatures. She emphasized the importance of snacking to stay hydrated, especially during outdoor activities, offering nutritious and cooling snacking options that can also be refreshing and tasty.

Finally, Savanna touched upon the rising popularity of zero-proof cocktails, sharing some of the delightful recipes that are both health-conscious and satisfying for the summer season.

The session was both enlightening and practical, offering tangible takeaways for anyone interested in improving their health, diet, and lifestyle, especially in the summer season. For more tips from Savanna and Eat Fit BR, you can follow them on social @eatfitochsner and download the Eat Fit mobile app.

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