What’s What BR with Dr. Quentina Timoll, Chief of Staff of the Louisiana Department of Education

In this episode of What's What BR we meet with Dr. Quentina Timoll. Dr. Timoll discusses the responsibilities associated with her job role as Chief of Staff of the Louisiana Department of Education. We also highlight the ongoing literacy crisis currently affecting students, including the efforts that can be made to overcome this issue.

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What’s What BR with Dr. Lindsey Fauveau of Ochsner Health

In this episode of What’s What BR, we meet with Breast Surgeon Oncologist, Dr. Lindsey Fauveau. Dr. Fauveau discusses her career path, along with her specializations. She also highlights the High-Risk Breast Clinic she created at Ochsner to treat women that are at high risk for breast cancer, and she mentions the many services Ochsner offers to breast cancer patients to ensure they are well taken care of.

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