What’s What BR with Rod Spilling of Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy

In this episode of What's What BR, we talk with Rod Spilling of Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy.Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy Started in 2007 and serves a wide range of students, half of their population is a traditional high school bound diploma track and the other half of the population are what they call “pace classes” where they teach practical academic and community education for students with Neuro diversity.Rod is a multimedia teacher and specialist and what he teaches, specifically, is a wide range of multimedia. From teaching creative computer applications, 3D, coding, introduction of the computer, Essentially, if you can think of a computer related item, he gets to teach the students on all levels at Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy.Rod shares how they nurture what it is that makes each student unique and they find out what they like; The idea of not trying to fit the kid into the box, instead, adjust to the mold of the child, allows them to have a much more successful educational experience.

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