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I am working remotely with clients through text, email and video chat. You can also shop online and create a wishlist.

Bridget and her husband Martin have four children ,ages 21-14 who are all “working from home” together. As the construction industry is considered essential, CCL is still working with clients to finish projects. We are all working remotely, and helping each other out. This situation has made the whole process a little more difficult. Getting in touch with suppliers and distribution is taking longer than normal, some manufacturers have shut down their warehouses/ shipping completely and are not taking orders. Some great news though is that most of our vendors are offering to drop ship to customers with no additional charge. With access to over 40 lines, I am still able to curate a beautiful lighting package within the budget requested. We would be honored to work with you on your project and are grateful for your business!

Bridget Tate opened Capital City Lighting with her business partner Toby Courville in 2019 and has been lighting up the capital city and surrounding areas for the last 6.5 years. She works with homeowners, architects, interior designers, contractors, entrepreneurs and restauranteurs to select and curate lighting based on their application, style and budget. Throughout her work in lighting design, Bridget has been blessed with lasting friendships and dedicated clientele. Her work on stunning projects and award winning lighting design has put her stamp on the Greater Baton Rouge area.

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