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We are currently doing online orders for paint to go kits. Pottery and canvas painting at home.

We had to think fast on how to keep our business going and still abide by the laws. To-go paint kits! We’ve done it on a small scale before for customers who were having surgery or didn’t finish their piece in the studio and needed more time. It’s a little different for us, but we are managing. Picture an assembly line of bags, brushes, paper instructions, zip ties, tickets, little to go sauce cups with lids and paint everywhere. We have been creating them for about two weeks now. Parents have been very grateful and thanking us for doing this. But we thank them for helping keep us in business.

June will be Brushfire’s 10 year anniversary in business. We have built so many friendships with our customers and their families are now family to us. We have hosted thousands of parties through the years. And we want to continue to stay in our community.

As of two weeks ago, We have dramatically cut our hours down. Trying to sell what we have rather than spend more. We are not letting anyone into the studio. We have our doors open, but they are blocked by our outside bench. We have customers ordering online through our website, facebook and through email. We email them an invoice, once paid, we email them when it is ready to be picked up curbside. We set their bag on the bench. We are open for pick ups, Wed, Fri, Sat 12-3pm. We are being super careful on sanitizing and washing our hands in between each order.
I am hopeful. We made it through “The great flood of 2016”, and we made it through losing our Facebook page of 6000 followers, hundreds of photos and hundreds of reviews back in October. We will remain strong and not give up and make it through this! If to-go kits are our new business model, well so be it. That’s what we will do. 🙂

Art is so important for children and adults of all ages. It takes the mind to a calming place. Families have enjoyed the studio to get away from the American rat race and create things they can cherish forever and build memories with loved ones. And now…they don’t have a place to get away to. If we were to shut down completely, it would probably be the end of Brushfire and we could not handle that. And our community needs us! So we decided to bring it to them.

Images courtesy of Amy Konieczka
In collaboration with  #TheStoreFrontProjectBR  and PartnersOne | Moxey 


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