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Natasha Marie Bridal

The store front is closed. We are shipping small ticket items like jewelry, but business has pretty much been halted.

We have just started our 3rd year and it was off to a great start. This has obviously changed that. Before the stay home order, for one week we switched to by appointment only and limited the number of guests each bride could bring. We took only one appointment at a time (we can typically accommodate 2 at a time), had to let the bride dress herself (typically help them to get the dresses on and off) and only step in to zip and clip the bride, and we sanitized all services and door handles between appointments. Since the stay at home order we have closed the storefront completely. We have changed our shipping address to my home for dresses and accessories currently on order. We are doing 2 or more social media posts per day to keep our social presence, and we’re posting smaller ticket items like accessories in a Facebook album to sell online and ship to customers. This is Market season, so we’ve had to re-evaluate our buying budget. Keeping in mind we want to be ready for new brides when this is all over, but money conscious as well with sales pretty much coming to a stand still. We’ve reached out to our brides that have had to alter their wedding plans letting them know they are on our minds. We want to know their new wedding dates. We reach out to our brides the week of their wedding. It’s not just about the dress for us, we work closely with our brides and really get to know them during their appointment. This is certainly a scary time, but we have every intention of reopening after it’s all over and we cannot wait to meet our new Natasha Marie brides.

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